Wars Fought in the Russian Federation 1216 to Present Day

Wars fought in the Russian Federation

This timeline details the main wars that have taken place in the Russian Federation (formerly Soviet Union, formerly Russia)

1216 to 1221
Mongol Conquest of Central Asia (Part of the Mongol Conquests)
Mongol Empire Genghis Khan against Khwarazmian dynasty
1812, 24th June to 1812, 14th December
French invasion of Russia (Patriotic War of 1812) (Part of the Napoleonic Wars)
France against Russia
1853, October to 1856, February
Crimean War
British, French, Turkish against Russia
1918, May to 1920, November
Russian Civil War
Red Bolsheviks against White Tsarist
1920, 7th May to 1920, 12th October
Russo-Polish War
Soviet Union against Poland
1939, 1st September to 1945, 2nd September
World War II Eastern Front Operation Barbarossa
Axis Powers – Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria against Allies – Soviet Union
1979, 25th December to 1989, February
Soviet Afghanistan War
Soviet Union against Afghanistan
1994, 11th December to 1996, 29th August
First Chechen War
Chechen Republic of Ichkeria against Russia
1999, 23rd September to 2009, 15th April/div>

Second Chechen War
Chechen Republic of Ichkeria against Russia
2008, 7th August to 2008, 16th August
Russia–Georgia war
Georgia against Russia, South Ossetia
2014, March, is ongoing
Russian intervention in Crimea and Donbas
Ukraine against Russia


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